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Steps on launching.
1. Remove console covers and ensure these are weighted down on dock so they do not blow away. New console covers are £250 each.
2. Ensure all tubes are fully inflated. Food pump under seat on most ribs so need to share.
3. Push rib away from dock (just to clear engine from dock) before lowering engine. Common problem is prop hitting side of dock.
3. Ensure that the stern towing line securely tied to avoid contact with prop.

In Use

1. Avoid excessive moving shift control to forward / neural. Best for slow motoring in trolling mode! The engine management recorded one driver engage forward / neutral 1200 times in one days use which is excessive.

2. Abide by the Plas Heli RIB Hire Terms and Conditions

Steps on recovery.
1. Do dot take running jump when mounting Versadock. Engage bow and keep in slow forward to ensure boat is square to dock. Apply power gently and mount dock. The back sponson should be in line with Versadock. Pull by hand if not fully in location.
2. Ensure ignition switch is turned off to avoid flat battery in the morning. Turn battery switch off.
3. Fit console cover if appropriate or store under console seat to avoid being blown away.
3. Open elephant trunk.
4. Ensure bow painter is properly tied to eye on Versadock.
5. PSC 4 has a 4 stroke engine and the oil reservoir will need checking or filling.
6. The new Suzuki engines have a nice ignition starting feel. No need to keep key turned when starting. A gentle turn and release is all that is required. The ignition will keep turning without touching the key until it starts.

Any problems please contact Richard on 07540 146284

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