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"During 2013, Pwllheli Rowing Club has gone from strength to strength. As a direct result of the work of the Outdoor Group and the "Miri Morfa” event the awareness of the club and the club's membership numbers have grown. While we remain a relatively small club in size, we have put great effort into the racing season which proved successful, with a youth girls team racing for the first time in years!

At the end of the season, progress was made with Porthmadog Rowing Club to look at further collaboration in terms of training and fun "racing" against each other. Please have a look at when we will be meeting over the weekends in Winter - and prepare for next season!

Carwyn Jones-Evans, Pwllheli Rowing Club

Local User groups Video


Pwllheli Sailing Club  Working with schools and Physical Education Schools Sport( PESS) provided  opportunities for local primary school pupils to receive training in the form of  Sailing taster sessions during the Summer season.



The IRC Championships in August at the Welsh National Sailing Academy and Event Centre in Pwllheli has received another boost with coverage in the Irish Times on Friday 22nd November - see here.

Bob Lowe, Chairman of the Events team at the Academy said "the Academy and National Event Centre is determined to make this a truly spectacular event and the news of support from Ireland compliments the support already received from Sailing Clubs in the UK including The Royal Dee Yacht Club, Liverpool Yacht Club and also from the two local Clubs in Pwllheli and Abersoch"

The date has been set for this years festive town treat - 6,7 & 8 December. More information here. Edrychwch yma am fwy o wybodaeth.

Mae Hwyl yr Ŵyl Pwllheli yn cael ei threfnu gan busnesau lleol gyda chefnogaeth y gymuned. Edrychwn ymlaen at eich croesawu i'n tref rhwng y 5ed ac 8fed Rhagfyr 2013 am benwythnos o hwyl gyda amrywiaeth o atyniadau, gan gynnwys sglefrio iâ, groto Sion Corn a siopa hwyr.

Pwllheli Festive Fun is being organised by local businesses with the support of the community. We look forward to welcoming you to our town between the 5th and 8th December 2013 for a weekend of fun with a variety of attractions including an ice skating rink, Santa's Grotto and late shopping

1D4A7612Events Committee Report
Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli/Welsh National Sailing Academy : 2013 season
Summary of events, training and education activity to date : 5424 competitor days; 1223 training days and 193 taster/education days
Major International Events

• European 420 and 470 Youth championships – 272 competitors in total


Sailing Academy to promote Pwllheli
Plas Heli Cyf, the operating company of The Welsh National Sailing Academy and Event Centre in Pwllheli, has been awarded £120,000 from the Big Lottery under its Coastal Communities Fund for a marketing initiative over the next two years.

Bob Lowe, Vice-Chairman of Plas Heli, welcomed the Big Fund award and said “We see this as an important opportunity to promote Pwllheli and the Llyn as a destination for visiting yachtsmen.

Conventional economic impact assessments do not capture all impacts, and miss many social, environmental and cultural benefits that are more difficult to quantify

On the one hand there is:

—Positive direct/Indirect and Induced impact as a superb“venue”. This can also mean that they come back again to Pwllheli for holidays/weekends. We have an opportunity through “events” to market accomodation/cafes/restaurants.(easier to measure and quantify!!)

On the other hand there is:

—The impact on local skills levels, particularly of young people; impact on the community and social inclusion; impact on cultural expression and participation and impact on the local environment.(not so easy to measure and quantify!!)

Why have a Community Group?

Our Video will demonstrate that:

—Participants at the heart of our decisions and actions for growing sports
A child and adult having the right to access opportunities.
Importance of first time experiences.
—Provide a strong continuation of fun sporting opportunities beyond the primary school.
Provide a plethora of opportunities in a variety of settings.
—Diverse, passionate and skilled voluntary Group(s) providing a cost effective billingual way to enjoy the surroundings.
Talent identification – future Olympians!!!

Success stories so far!!!

Meet the Clubs Evening.
—MiriMorfa taster sessions/Open day.
—Collaboration with Physical Education School Sports (PESS).
—Grant Success AHNE/CCG.
—Creation of Female and Youth Rowing teams.
—CHIPAC (youth sailing course(s) anticipated to be full as result of MiriMorfa & engagement at local events e.g YsgolCymerau Open Day event.
—Communities First Exist Strategy success.
First Exit Strategy funding was used to provide the following courses/qualifications for local people
—7 x level 1 Surf Coach
—18 x Powerboat Level 2 Certificate
—6 x safety Boat Certfificate
—2 x Dingy Instructor Course
—2 x Dingy Intructor Pre-entry Course
—30 x First Aid Courses
—6 x Topper training weekend
—6 x Optimist training weekend
—2 x Mountain Leader(ML) Mentoring days,
—30 x VHF courses.

Question: What will be the future impact/legacy of the above?

Miri Morfa Success
Stats from Taster Day:
—111 Registered
—91 < 15 years of age
—20 >16 years of age
—78 of which were new participants
—Children from 12 different schools/colleges attended

Here are the numbers for the various activities:
—WalDdringo 94
—Hwylio 55
—Ceufadu 42
Rhwyfo 29 on the day = 220(TWO HUNDRED&TWENTY)

Our own Inspirational moments!!

—“The MiriMorfa event was a great success for CHIPAC, we were able to offer local children the chance to sample the joys of sailing. We are anticipating a full course starting in mid July owed greatly to the day”.

Jane Butterworth- CHIPAC

—"Following MiriMorfa, we have increased the awareness of the Rowing club locally. We had a lot of interest throughout the day, and as a result, we now have a brand new youth team (4 women) who are an excellent addition to the club. Pwllheli Rowing Club have not had a youth team for many years – and I am delighted to say that they have already taken part in the Welsh Sea Rowing Association league races. "

Carwyn Jones-Evans-Pwllheli Rowing Club
Future Impact(s)

—Creating a superb Events Venue and arranging Local Events : (Open Water)Triathlon(s), Open Water Swimming, Tour De Pen Lleyn(cycling),Birthdays, Weddings, Confrences, Meetings...........

—Academy to become a Meeting/information hub- Coastal Path/Heart of Adventutre/ Local Community/ Businesses-canbe the gateway to Pen Lleyn.
—“showcase” all the activities available at the centre by allowing people to try new sports and experiences.

— "The new centre will help boost the local economy by breathing even more life into our marina and town."
Health issues improve wellbeing of local community through mutli-activities, tackle obesity through collaboration with Schools/college.
Employment potential through volunteer work, qualifications, Training and Continuing Professional Development should not be underestimated.

Breaking down the barriers

Keep working to remove the perception that Sailing is elitist. Events like MiriMorfa help to brake down these barriers. 

—A contributing factor to winning the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 was the promise of a lasting legacy (from improving participation rates, to better facilities, and the wider contribution of volunteers etc.) We are working hard on a local level to leave a lasting legacy through sport.

—The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games provided inspirational moments for a significant number of people. As you have seen we are also providing inspirational moments locally

—Participation figures recently published by Sport Wales have been promising: sports such as gymnastics, hockey, swimming, cycling, boxing, and athletics have all seen significant increases in participation (ranging from 12 – 39%) with new clubs in these sports emerging, plus a remarkable 30 new canoeing clubs, have been set up to cope with the surge in demand inspired by the Games. Our numbers are also growing locally.


—Help to Change the status and importance of physical education in and out of schools and improving physical activity levels can help build on the current positive figures and impact long after the Games are over.

—Help to develop the confidence and competencies so that people can be active throughout their lives.

—Provide the opportunitiesfor young people to participate in extracurricular sport, including the Sport Wales schemes, Dragon Sport and Multiskills, and the 5 x 60 programme —

Children in locality experience high quality Physical Education. It would help make Wales a healthy, active, fit nation.

Physical Education has become a core subject in the national curriculum —physical literacy is as important a development skill as reading and writing.

—Goal to achieve better facilities-Club Hub/Equipment to improve and extend the experience.
"The new facility will help revive the area's rich maritime heritage and further enhance Pwllheli’s growing status as a sporting excellence where top-class coastal activities are available for residents and visitors.

Article By: David Hughes
Community Co-ordinator Plas Heli

Our young sailors have been busy, this weekend!

Three of the clubs promising Optimist sailors were down in Weymouth for the last training session of the Winter for the GB squad. This was a joint session between the three  squads, the 60 best sailors in Britain (in this class of boat).

Success came to the club with Gethin Llewelyn Owen coming 1st and Iago Davies 3rd in the "Intermediate" Squad, Gethin 6th and Iago 10th overall; Christopher Jones was also taking part.

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