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Betsi CadwaladrYou may have noticed a new porta-cabin located adjacent to the old club building - this is used by Betsi Cadwaladr National Health Trust Nursing staff for patient consultations in a secure, covid-free environment.

Plas Heli is pleased to be able to assist the NHS with this facility and also with the use of the training rooms at Plas Heli




Achubwch ein Adar Mor rhag Ysglyfaethwyr Ymosodol - Darllenwch mwy am hyn yma

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Peter, Vicky a Tim Mojito yn Enill wobr uchaf ISORA 

MojitoLlongyfarchiadau Mawr i Peter, Vicky a thîm Mojito am ennill prif wobr ISORA sef Pen Y Blaidd.

Roedd ISORA yn dathlu diwedd y tymor ar nos Sadwrn 11eg o Dachwedd. yn noson gwobruo yn Dun Laoghaire.

Rydym hefyd wrth ein bodd yn adrodd bod Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli wedi ennill y 'Tlws Victoria' sef y tîm clwb efo'r sgôr uchaf eto yn 2017. Mojito, Sgrech, Jackknife ac Aquaplane oll yn cyfrannu at lwyddiant y tîm.




Mae Plas Heli yn falch o gyhoeddi fod ein Cadeirydd, Stephen Tudor wedi ei enwebu ar gyfer gwobr Hwyliwr y Flwyddyn 2016 gan gylchgrawn Afloat, sydd hefyd wedi ennill Pencampwriaeth ISORA gyda 'Sgrech'.SGRECH

Canlyniadau'r cystadlaethau i'w cael, yma:

Plas Heli has made into the top ten best yachting bars in the World for 2015.

We now need your help to win this prestigious title by voting here.

Gwaith Yn dod Yn ei flaen - ar nod o gwbwlhau erbyn gannol mis nesaf  ogwen ein cyrraedd 

Photographs of the new building are available now on the Plas Heli Web site here

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Ken Skates AM, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, attended the Welsh Youth and Junior Championships on 25th April and had an opportunity to visit the new Plas Heli building.

He could see how Plas Heli, the operating company for the Welsh National Sailing Academy and Events Centre, was placing Wales firmly on the World stage in international sailing events. He also saw how we are catering for grass roots entry to water sports, our excellent community engagement, how Plas Heli is embracing the Destination Management Plan and contrubuting substantially to the local economy.

He enthused about everything on offer and hopes to return for one of our international events in the summer.

He has a keen interest and experience with our sport that augurs well for the future.

Report - For the Pwllheli Harbour Consultative Committee

24th April 2015

By the following Stakeholders:

  • Partneriaeth Pwllheli Partnership
  • Plas Heli
  • Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club (CHPSC)
  • Pwllheli Chamber of Trade
  • Pwllheli Marine Traders Association
  • Pwllheli Mooring and Berth Holders’ Association (PMBHA)

Introduction and Background

The stakeholders were invited to a meeting at Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club to consider a joint response to the ‘Gwynedd Council Pwllheli Harbour maintenance dredging strategy’ prepared by consulting engineers ARUP and dated 25th March 2015.

Copies of the Draft Strategy had been circulated to the stakeholders with the meeting invitation.

Those present confirmed that they represented their respective organisations and it was concluded that we were all likeminded and approved a joint response to the report.


Stakeholders’ Response

The Strategy was welcomed and the stakeholders asked that the report’s conclusion could be implemented as soon as possible as a full suite of measures required to provide a credible maintenance dredging strategy for Pwllheli harbour.

The group concluded that the reports presentation and future usability would be improved if the conclusions on page 39 were repeated as part of an Executive Summary at the beginning of the document with an indication of a timetable for the actions outlined and to include the following bullets:

  • Remove Stockpile – immediately
  • Groyne Reinforced and raised – immediately
  • Depth and width of the Channel – adjusted to new design – as soon as practicable
  • Annual dredging of marina basin using procured machinery – winter 2015/16
  • Seek out and arrange offshore disposal – start as soon as practicable
  • Trial water injection and ploughing in the harbour approaches – immediately
  • Start work on a study for the construction of the sheltering structures (groynes) as soon as practicable

The stakeholders were also of the opinion that the suite of measures should also include the following:

  • a sand trap in the Harbour entrance – if there is a time lag in providing regular ploughing or water injection clearance of the harbour approaches
  • Consideration to widening the channel (to reduce flow rates) and methods of removing material without double handling and stockpiling on the harbour edge
  • that the harbour approaches (Channel) should be maintained by ploughing water injection at 1.5m
  • the marina basin should be maintained at -3.5m  CD instead of the 3.0m
  • Special consideration for the area of erosion on the north side of the newly created Academy basin

Attendees and Organisation (in the order of introductions)

Name Organisation/s Confirmed / Signature
Stephen Tudor Plas Heli and Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club Confirmed
Michael Parry Plas Heli and Partneriaeth Pwllheli Confirmed
Ruth James Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club and PMBHA Confirmed
Bohdan Borzykowski Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club and PMBHA Confirmed
Mark Thompson Pwllheli Mooring and Berth Holders’ Association Confirmed
Nan Langford Pwllheli Mooring and Berth Holders’ Association Confirmed
Paul Langford Pwllheli Mooring and Berth Holders’ Association Confirmed
Richard Tudor Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club and Plas Heli Confirmed
Andrew Picken Chamber of Trade Confirmed
Wil Partington Marine Traders Association Confirmed

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Plas Heli Cyf is a Community Enterprise, Not for Profit Distribution Company

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